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To VSG: Oppose the DREAM Act

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The Vanderbilt Student Government will be considering a resolution tomorrow to urge the university to endorse the DREAM Act, a bill before the U.S. Congress, which does nothing but undermine the rule of law and essentially grants amnesty to illegal immigrants. I am not disputing that advocates of the DREAM Act have good intentions and truly want to help the children of illegal aliens, and I commend their passion; however, I strongly disagree that this is prudent.

First, VSG has no business in endorsing such legislation. Although VSG has a role in advising the university administration on policy, it ought not to take a role in such overtly political matters. Similarly, the various organizations endorsing this resolution receive AcFee funding; the statutes for the Student Finance Committee read: “Funds allocated by the Student Finance Committee are subject to some restrictions on the use of those funds…in general… The Student Finance Committee will discourage…requests to fund…political activity.” Now, while some may argue that the support of a handful of Republican lawmakers makes the act “bipartisan,” it is difficult to argue that advocating for the passage of this legislation does not qualify as “political activity.” Perhaps those organizations supporting this resolution currently qualifying for AcFee ought to be stripped of it next year.

The present VSG resolution is full of misleading facts. In the fifth clause, it only claims to grant illegal immigrants “temporary legal status.” While it is true that initially the legislation would grant them conditional permanent resident status, it provides the illegal aliens an unencumbered path to permanent legal status—full citizenship. That is nothing but a thinly-veiled attempt at amnesty.

Perhaps my main concern with this resolution is that it claims that the DREAM Act “has no negative implications, financial or otherwise.” This is UTTERLY UNTRUE. The DREAM Act will repeal the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996—this means that, if passed, this legislation would allow states to grant illegal aliens in-state tuition, while denying the same benefits to lawful citizens from another state. For example, if a lawful citizen in Tennessee wishes to attend the University of Virginia, he/she will pay significantly more than an illegal alien attending the same university. Please explain the rationality behind that. Also, this would enable illegal aliens to qualify for federal student loans and the work-study program. Please, please, please, whoever authored the VSG resolution explain to me how this will have no negative financial implications. As taxpayers, this greatly impacts us all.

Finally, we simply cannot afford this piece of legislation. We are already indebted with trillions of dollars. The last thing we need is to subsidize another 65,000 illegal aliens’ tuitions—that will do nothing but increase our taxes and tuition costs.

I strongly urge all of our VSG elected officials to oppose this resolution. To those senators or representatives who fear opposing this will be politically unpopular: Consider the student body’s political demographics—I assure you, supporting it is political suicide. I urge opposition based not solely on the merit of the legislation, but also because VSG has no basis in supporting such political measure.

Stephen Siao
President, Vanderbilt College Republicans

VCR to Host TN GOP Student Activism Conference

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Nashville, TN – The Vanderbilt College Republicans are proud to announce the 2010 Tennessee Republican Student Activism Conference, set for September 11th, 2010, on the campus of Vanderbilt University. The conference is the first of its kind and the primary purpose will be to mobilize and energize College Republicans and Teenage Republicans to make a difference this fall.

VCR President Stephen Siao announced today that keynoting the conference will be the next Governor of Tennessee, Mayor Bill Haslam, and serving as the conference’s Honorary Chairman will be Rep. Glen Casada, House Majority Caucus Chairman. GOP campaigns from across the state are invited to participate and recruit volunteers for their efforts this fall. Siao noted, “There is no better person to energize students than Mayor Haslam, and no one has a better pulse on our state’s most competitive races than Rep. Casada—this is a tremendous honor for us to have them participate. My generation has been inactive for too long, and we really can’t afford to stay silent any longer.”

Co-sponsoring the event are the College Republicans from Austin Peay State University, Lee University, Lipscomb University, the University of the South, the University of Memphis, the University of Tennessee, the University of Tennessee at Martin, and the Williamson County Republican Party Young Leaders Coalition.

Press Contact
Reid Harris

Welcome to Music City, Mr. Vice President!

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Dear Mr. Vice President,

In light of your visit to Nashville tomorrow, I’d like to take just a few moments to thank you and our president for all you both have done for us. In less than twenty months, you have increased the national debt by more than two trillion dollars, all while passing “landmark” and “sweeping” legislation. President Obama called health care a “moral obligation.” Well, let me ask you a question, do you honestly believe borrowing money from my generation—your children and grandchildren—and destroying America in the process can be justified as moral in any sense? The only thing landmark about what is being done today is that never before have we so shamelessly legislated our future into debt, and the only thing sweeping about the new legislation is the amount of debt my generation will inherit.

I do feel slightly bad for you though, Mr. Vice President. You were right when you said back in 2007 that Obama was not ready to be president. Perhaps the nation should have listened to you back then. Perhaps if we had, we would not be in this mess today.

The only generation that will be affected by all you and the president are doing more than y’all (welcome to the south)—the taxpayers of today—is my generation—the taxpayers of tomorrow. Mr. Vice President, let me remind you of something before you decide to pass anymore “sweeping” legislation. As Jesus so poignantly said, “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be,” we will not see our future prosperity be destroyed. We will get out and vote. We will vote you out of office. We will restore this exceptional nation.

Stephen Siao
President, VCR

P.S. Welcome to Music City. I hope the administration will finally notice the magnitude of the largest natural disaster that has struck our city in decades. I also hope you have a great time in the state that sent GWB to the White House over our homegrown Al Gore (kindly remind him of that tomorrow, won’tcha?)

Thank you, DCRP!

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The Vanderbilt College Republicans would like to thank our friends at the Davidson County Republican Party, especially Chairman Kathleen Starnes, for welcoming us to their annual picnic! It was a tremendous event with more than 400 in attendance! We were able to set up a booth, address the crowd, and made lots of new friends!

Check them out at!

Step it up, or step down, Mr. Obama

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As someone who campaigned so ardently against “politics as usual,” President Obama has done little to show that he really intends on implementing positive change for Washington. The only changes we’ve seen are the increases in high-level back-room negotiations and impeachable offenses. Not only is he not fulfilling his promises of transparency (i.e. health care, financial reform, etc.), he has not fulfilled most other promises either. He promised to close Guantanamo Bay. It’s still there. He promised to withdraw troops from Iraq. Oh hey, they’re still there too. He promised to rid wasteful spending. Have you seen the stimulus bill!? And, perhaps, my favorite of all: Criticize Bush on Katrina. And then there’s BP. Actually, on second thought, a year and a half later, let’s just keep blaming Bush for everything.

It was revealed today that Andrew Romanoff was offered three jobs by the White House to abandon his bid for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Michael Bennet (who mysteriously one day decided that he would vote for Obamacare). Romanoff provided evidence that White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina suggested three possible jobs to him. This is not transparency. Or legal, really. Neither is the White House’s job offer to Joe Sestak. While I don’t actually believe the story that Bill Clinton offered him a nonpaying job is completely true–regardless–both situations are clearly in violation of the U.S. Code.

Where is Eric Holder now? Where is the Attorney General who wanted to wanted to investigate the Bush Administration? Perhaps he is too busy granting terrorists Miranda rights. Or, perhaps, he is too busy stating the obvious–like his announcement earlier that he would investigate BP. Thanks for reminding us of your job!

It’s time for President Obama to either step it up to fulfill his promises for change to the American people or to step down for impeachable offenses. My generation will be the best-educated in American history. We will be voters tomorrow. We will be taxpayers in a few short years. We cannot be fooled that easily. We already have Social Security and Medicare to pay for, and that’s enough—really. Please, Mr. Obama, just keep your change.

Appointed Officers Confirmed

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I am pleased to announce Nathan Yates and Adam Gross as the newest members of the VCR Executive Board. Nathan will be serving his second term on the Board as Attorney General and Adam will be serving as the Executive Assistant. Per Article I of the VCR Constitution, these officers were confirmed by the Board–unanimously. Additionally, I am proud to announce the appointment of Andrea Messer as the Alumni Relations Chair. We look forward to a great year together!

Stephen Siao
President, VCR

End of Year Announcements and New Officers

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Dear Vandy GOP,

Thank you all for coming out to our final meeting of the year with U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn. I am very proud of the work we have accomplished this year. Because of the participation and enthusiasm of each of you, we have brought in notable speakers including Chris Devaney, Chairman of the TN Republican Party, Senator Jim Tracy, and Dr. Carol Swain. We established a growing alumni network of graduated Vandy Republicans and a donor base to assist in funding our initiatives. In addition to providing many internship and campaign involvement opportunities, I am pleased to announce that we have been able to send our members to both the Conservation Political Action Conference in D.C. and the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. And yet we can still do better. The College Republicans will play a crucial role in 2010 elections, and we must do everything we can to assist candidates from our party. It has been my honor to serve as your president this year and I am confident that next year’s executive board will continue to advance our principles and campus outreach.



I am happy to announce next year’s officers:

President- Stephen Siao

VP Communications- Chelsea Gaw

VP Political Affairs- Mark Zager

VP Finance- Reid Harris

VP Events- Austin Caroe

VP Membership- Rachael Hesling

Have a great summer!

VCR presents Congressman Marsha Blackburn

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This Monday, March 29th, the Vanderbilt College Republicans are proud to present Congressman Marsha Blackburn, a rising Republican star from Tennessee’s Seventh Congressional District.

Rep. Blackburn has been a leader in opposing the government takeover of healthcare and is one of the most prominent women in the Republican Party today. So come on out, enjoy some FREE PIZZA, and hear the Congressman’s thoughts on the current political climate, healthcare, and more.

Date: Monday April 19, 2010

Time: 4pm

Location: Sarratt 189

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