Welcome to Music City, Mr. Vice President!

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Dear Mr. Vice President,

In light of your visit to Nashville tomorrow, I’d like to take just a few moments to thank you and our president for all you both have done for us. In less than twenty months, you have increased the national debt by more than two trillion dollars, all while passing “landmark” and “sweeping” legislation. President Obama called health care a “moral obligation.” Well, let me ask you a question, do you honestly believe borrowing money from my generation—your children and grandchildren—and destroying America in the process can be justified as moral in any sense? The only thing landmark about what is being done today is that never before have we so shamelessly legislated our future into debt, and the only thing sweeping about the new legislation is the amount of debt my generation will inherit.

I do feel slightly bad for you though, Mr. Vice President. You were right when you said back in 2007 that Obama was not ready to be president. Perhaps the nation should have listened to you back then. Perhaps if we had, we would not be in this mess today.

The only generation that will be affected by all you and the president are doing more than y’all (welcome to the south)—the taxpayers of today—is my generation—the taxpayers of tomorrow. Mr. Vice President, let me remind you of something before you decide to pass anymore “sweeping” legislation. As Jesus so poignantly said, “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be,” we will not see our future prosperity be destroyed. We will get out and vote. We will vote you out of office. We will restore this exceptional nation.

Stephen Siao
President, VCR

P.S. Welcome to Music City. I hope the administration will finally notice the magnitude of the largest natural disaster that has struck our city in decades. I also hope you have a great time in the state that sent GWB to the White House over our homegrown Al Gore (kindly remind him of that tomorrow, won’tcha?)

Thank you, DCRP!

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The Vanderbilt College Republicans would like to thank our friends at the Davidson County Republican Party, especially Chairman Kathleen Starnes, for welcoming us to their annual picnic! It was a tremendous event with more than 400 in attendance! We were able to set up a booth, address the crowd, and made lots of new friends!

Check them out at www.davidsoncountygop.org!