Education In A Republican View

January 12, 2013 on 9:16 pm | In Education | Comments Off

In a state where citizens are powered by their entitlement to vote, and the government has the administrative power granted by their citizens, there is the government’s responsibility to ensure the welfare of their citizens. This means that the basic needs of the citizens have to be provided in an equal and fair manner. The social contract between the government and the people is to ensure that the government will make use of proper administration and distribution of social goods to the mass. One of the most basic and important social goods is the education.

Education not only provides people the ability to make intellectual decisions on their own; it also provides them the capacity to survive in the world. To provide for foods, shelter and all other basic needs, money is needed. But money cannot be obtained in a blink of an eye—it is earned through hard work. A person needs job to earn money to provide for himself and his family, and having a job means a lot of things where educational attainment is one. Therefore, lack of education has a big implication for the people and their lives.

Republicans consider education as a basic right of citizens and a basic responsibility of the government. Republican Higher Education Platforms call the goal of giving each and every citizen the equal access to educational experiences. This means that no person should be restrained by his economic and social status to receive access to education. Republicans assert that education has to be affordable to all students, no matter how poor or rich they are. Loan burdens are responsibilities of the government to ensure that education does not limit anyone.

To become more contributive to the country and its citizen’s welfare, Republicans also believe that nation’s community colleges should create economic opportunities, so that educated people will reap the benefits of their hard works. It has to be ensured that after graduation, students are given opportunities in the workplace. In this way, education gives students the feeling of assurance that the moment they step out of their universities, the corporate world welcomes them with outstretched arms.

Equal access to education is the primary goal. This means that children who cannot leave their houses because of some disabilities should also be provided with special cases of education. This to ensure that nobody is excluded from the opportunity to education just because of physical or biological barriers. Home-schooling and other school choices have to be provided to everyone in such a way that no one is left behind by his or her personal condition.

Republicans also insist the importance of education by calling for higher subsidies that will support the institution. The government has to provide equally to all its institutions, and education as one institution should not be overlooked. Government regulation should look after the need to allocate enough funds and subsidies so that educational institutions are able to accomplish their role to each and every citizen. College costs are rising, and republicans assert that without proper government regulation, the problem of rising costs will affect not only the institution of education but also the students subsumed under it.

The job does not end in the four corners of the classroom. It is not enough to provide books, enough classrooms conducive to learning, proper school materials and expert teachers. The students should be helped by their educational experiences in applying what they have learned to the world outside of their campuses. Government has to accompany the students in the course of their jobs, making sure that the education that they get is enough for them to qualify on certain jobs. In the long run, education is nothing if not applied in the appropriate time and place.